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BCYC -- By-Laws

Article I. -- Purposes

The purposes of this Club shall be to hold sailing races, to encourage the pursuit of sailing, and to carry on such other social activities as the membership finds enjoyable.

Article II. -- Membership and Voting

A membership shall represent a single family unit consisting of one or more individuals including the parents and children, under 25 years of age, living under one roof. Each membership shall be entitled to a vote, which may be cast upon the parents' delegation by a son or daughter under 25 years of age. A person over 25 years of age, whether or not he residing in the parent's dwelling, shall maintain a separate membership in that person's name with all of the rights and privileges attendant thereto.

Temporary or summer memberships, guest privileges, racing privileges and the like may be granted by the Executive and Membership Committees, but such individuals shall have no vote.

All voting shall be done in person at the Annual Meeting.

Article III. -- Officers

The following officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting, shall hold office for two years or until their successors are qualified and shall have the following duties:


The Commodore shall be the executive officer, shall preside at all meetings of the Club and shall be Chairman of the Executive Committee. The Commodore shall appoint members of Committees, other than the members of the Executive and Standing Committees and shall enforce the regulations of the Club. The Commodore shall present all racing awards and pennants.

Vice Commodore

The Vice Commodore shall be second executive officer and shall have and exercise the powers of the Commodore in the event of the absence or unavailability of that officer. The office of Vice Commodore is to provide preparation for an individual to assume the office of Commodore. Therefore, it is understood that the Vice Commodore shall accept the nomination for Commodore at the pleasure of the Nominating Committee.


The Secretary shall keep the record of all Club meetings and of Committee Meetings when requested to do so. The Secretary shall keep a list of all members and shall send out notices of all Club meetings to the Members.


The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds of the Club, shall collect and receive and disburse all payments and shall keep adequate financial records including a record of the payment of dues and assessments. The Treasurer shall make a report at each Annual Meeting of receipts, disbursements and money then remaining in the Club treasury.

Article IV. -- Committees

There shall be an Executive Committee and three Standing Committees. The Standing Committees shall be the Race Committee, the House Committee and the Membership/Nominating Committee. The Chairman of each Standing Committee shall be appointed by the Commodore with the approval of the Executive Committee and shall hold office for two years or until a successor is qualified. Other members shall be appointed by the respective Committee Chairmen. The Executive Committee may act without meeting provided that the Commodore and not less than three Executive Committee members are informed and consulted.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be composed of the officers of the Club and the Chairmen of the standing Committees. It shall have and exercise the general management of the Club and its property subject to any instructions duly voted by the members, with all powers necessary to these ends. It shall have power to establish special committees, to fill vacancies in any office or Standing Committee Chairmanship and to levy equitable and reasonable assessments for special purposes or projects. It shall have exclusive power to act on any application for membership, but only upon submission thereof to it by the Membership/Nominating Committee. It shall have general superintendence over and control of the activities of each Standing Committee. It shall have power to make rules with respect to rights and privileges of guests of members of the Club.

Race Committee

The Race Committee shall be responsible for the scheduling, supervision and conduct of all races, including the disposition of protests and for racing facilities provided by the Club. It shall be responsible for the Racing Rules to be used, for the definition of Junior and Senior skippers, and for establishing and designating the recipients of prizes and pennants and for deciding the places won by the respective boats in any given race or series.

House Committee

The House Committee shall be responsible for all functions sponsored by the Club other than races, unless a Special Committee is established therefor.

Membership/Nominating Committee

The Membership/Nominating Committee shall establish rules for proposal and admission to membership and shall recommend appropriate action on all membership applications to the Executive Committee. It shall also make nominations of officers and Standing Committee Chairmen for presentation at the Annual Meeting. The Secretary shall ex-officio be a member of this committee.

Article V. -- Meetings

The Annual Meeting shall be held in the late summer after the close of the Racing Season. It shall be called by the Executive Committee and notice shall be included in the annual schedule and mailed to all members by the Secretary. It shall hear and act upon the Commodore's and Treasurer's Reports and the reports of the Chairmen of each Standing Committee and shall hold elections every two years. The presence of 12 persons entitled to vote shall constitute a quorum of the members at any meeting. The Commodore or the Executive Committee may call special meetings of the members for Club business by written notice and must call such meeting at the written request of five or more members.

The Executive Committee shall meet before and after the Racing Season to consider and take action as may be required concerning Club activities for the coming season , and the reports, proposals and budgets of all committees. It shall meet at any other time on call of the Commodore.

Article VI. -- Dues and Charges

Membership dues shall be established by the Executive Committee. All dues shall by billed by the Treasurer before March 31st and shall be payable not later than April 30th.

Article VII. -- Amendments

Any member may submit amendments to these By-Laws to the Commodore. Any new amendment must be approved by three-quarters of the Executive Committee at its next meeting.

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