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BCYC -- Cunningham Cup

Established in 1971 by Ingersoll Cunningham for the sunfish class. Prior race series run by Cunningham from 1960 to 1965 known as "Human Race" off Goat Island were for "all classes- all ages -prizes were for first, last and all others." Starting in 1976 (year of U. S. Bicentennial) the Cunningham Cup Races involved themes, teams and costumes. Several of these recorded in BCYC archives are:

Year Theme Winning Team/Costume
2001 Harry Potter The Slytherins, The Carter Family as Seekers
2000 Innovators' Cunningham Cup Colin McNay and crew, D. Carter as Phoneless Wire
1999 The Millennium and Y2K The Red Team, S. Cunningham as Mother Theresa
1998 Raise the Titanic Andy and Lauren Hawkins Carter Family as an Iceberg
1997 Aliens Invade Lands End Planet Pottso, A. & E. Daskalakis as Cone Heads
1996 Summer Olympics Botswana Team
1995 Alice in Wonderland Hearts beat the Spades, A. & E. Daskalakis as Alice and the Mad Hatter
1994 Woodstock '94 C. Blynn, K. Benton, B. Herring & J. Canfield, Patty Straus as Hippie
1993 Jurrasic Park A. Hawkins & A.Carter and S. & J. Cunningham
1992 1992 Olympics J. Law/T. Herring, E. Daskalakis as an olympiad
1991 Recession Relays White Knights, E. Daskalakis as a bum
1990 Predator vs. Prey/Earth Day C. Blynn as jelly fish, E. Benton as Razor Clam
1989 Woodstock 20th Anniversary E. Daskalakis as a hippie
1988 Race to the White House Dukakis Team
1987 America's Cup/Australia B. Cunningham/E. Benton
1984 The Frisbee Blue Team
1981 Tennis at Sea Team with most balls
1977 Great Relay Race J. Herring Team
1976 Colonials vs. British Colonials

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