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BCYC - Racing Rules

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Junior Sunfish series races start at 10:00am. Leave the beach at 9:45. All Senior Sunfish series races start 11:00am. Leave the beach at 10:45. To save time on light wind days, Senior racers whose boats are being sailed in the Junior race should change skippers or crew on Lands End instead of sailing back home if possible.

The best of three races will be scored for each series, so you can still be a series winner if you need to be away for a weekend or two. In addition to the usual race awards, anyone sailing in three or more of the series races during the summer will receive a participation award.

  1. Rules. The rules of the North American Racing Union shall apply. We have some pertinent examples of the rules and their interpretation in a set of sketches drawn by Albert S. Bigelow with additional annotations by Samuel P. M. Gray.
  2. Start and Courses. Courses for races starting off Land's End are around special racing marks placed in an approximately triangular shape. The standard course (shown in the image to the right) leaves all marks to port (left) and consists of six legs: a beat to windward, a broad reach, a broad reach on the other tack, a beat up to windward mark, a run back to the leeward mark and a beat back across the finish line. Other courses and different starting places will be announced as weather or other conditions may require. Junior races may consist of a simple triangle course with four legs: a beat to windward, a broad reach, a broad reach on the other tack, and a beat up to the finish.
  3. Officials. All racing is to be in charge of the Race Committee whose rulings are to be final. They may delegate such of their functions as they may see fit. Appeals from the rulings of a delegate may be made to the Race Committee.
  4. Propulsion. No means of propulsion other than sails shall be used, which propulsion includes sculling with the rudder. Sculling with rudder to change heading is permitted.
  5. Scoring. Each boat shall receive one point for finishing, one point for each boat defeated and an additional 1/4 point for winning. In the event of a tie between boats in a race, each boat is awarded 1/2 point for the other tied boat, plus 1/8 point if tied for first. In the event of a tie in points at the end of a series, there shall be a sail-off. No points are given to a boat not finishing or disqualified, though it is counted by others as a defeated boat.
  6. Protests. Protests are to be made to any member of the Race Committee or to the judge of the race, within one-half hour after the last boat finishes or withdraws. No protest flags are required, but no protest may be made unless notice of an intention to protest is given to the protested boat at the time of the incident. A protested boat may choose to either: a) perform a 720 degree turn, which nullifies the protest, b) continue racing and resolve the protest after the race, or c) withdraw from the race, in which case the skipper shall notify the committee boat of the withdrawal.
  7. Equipment. Each participant shall wear a life jacket during every race.

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Typical racing course
Typical Racing Course